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Welcome to fontfit™, your ideal partner for achieving a healthy body and mind. We are a company that uses innovative ideas to provide you with a range of unrivalled, expert health and fitness coaching to suit your individual needs, delivered in a passionate and personable way.

Here’s a word from our founder, Andrew Font

At fontfit, we’re proud to be different; we believe that health and wellbeing is for everyone and should be approached holistically. That is why our fundamental purpose is to provide for every aspect of your needs: using exercise as a “medicine” to improve physical health; realising the potential of exercise to improve mental health; providing a safe, friendly space to build social networks, community and form friendships; and providing financially affordable services. If you want to make a positive change in your life, let us journey with you and help you to achieve your goal!


Personal training

Achieve maximum results with one-to-one training.

Small group training

Find motivation and support by exercising in a small group.

Emotional wellbeing programme

Use exercise to improve your mood.

Community fitness class

Join our friendly community of exercise enthusiasts.


I'm not one for exercise - chocolate and champagne is more my pace of life! But I decided to try personal training sessions with fontfit. My trainer understood my limitations, pushed me when he needed to, made me laugh, made exercise enjoyable (I especially enjoyed the boxing!), and just made the whole experience one where I actually wanted to go back every week and looked forward to my sessions. Seriously, fontfit will make you actually enjoy exercise!

Megan M

I wholeheartedly recommend fontfit. I’ve had personal trainers before but my trainer Andrew is by far the best at pitching the level of training just right. He keeps things varied and fresh; always encouraging you to go that little bit further whilst managing to keep sessions fun. I’ve seen great improvements already and look forward to continuing to develop my fitness.


My fontfit trainer is great. He is calm and patient but pushes you really hard so that you finish each session feeling exhausted! I weirdly look forward to it.


I've been going to the fontfit Super Circuits class for almost a year now and I love it. It's a friendly class with upbeat music to get you going, which I appreciate. When everyone starts to feel tired there is enough enthusiasm from the instructor to encourage you to continue working hard so you get the most out of each class.  We are given different intensity options so you can choose a level depending on how you feel.

At this class I feel at ease, encouraged, sweaty and worn out by the end - its great!

Megan W

Keeping myself motivated until the end of a set of exercises has always been a struggle. I don't respond well to being shouted at or made to feel like I'm not trying hard enough! Fortunately, Andrew's techniques are totally positive and much more effective. Every time I train, I can see that my endurance has improved. I've been surprised at how much more I'm capable of doing after just a few sessions.


I've been training with fontfit for over six months and am amazed by the results. I have health problems which impact my breathing so have always been wary of exercise, and have been put off gyms and fitness classes through fear of having coughing fits. My fontfit trainer took the time to sit down with me and discuss my aims and worries, and he'd clearly done his research into my health condition. The programme he designed is specifically targeted towards my aims of gaining weight and increasing lung function, and I'm pleased to say I've seen great progress in both areas. It's definitely hard work, but with my PT's motivation and support, and the clear results, it is certainly worth it.


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